At the heart of the Stories of Sanctuary project are a series of storytelling and songwriting workshops, facilitated by Sam Slatcher. Sam is passionate about encouraging different groups to express their feelings and emotions through creative writing, lyrics and music. Songwriting is not just for the musically trained: all of us whether professionally trained or have never picked up an instrument, have the ability to craft the basics of a song.

Group of people in chairs around circle

Photo credit SJ Rudolphi

Interesting in participating?

If you are an organisation looking to explore the stories of sanctuary in your locality through songwriting, why not give it a go! In December 2018, Citizen Songwriters was formed – a social enterprise that brings people together through creating original songs – to continue the work that Stories of Sanctuary has inspired. To get in touch with Sam and find out more about how you can get involved, drop Sam an e-mail here.