Durham City of Sanctuary is one of over a 100 grassroots City of Sanctuary groups across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Based in County Durham, Durham City of Sanctuary work to build opportunities for introductions and friendship between sanctuary seekers and local people, helping new arrivals to integrate into the communities. City of Sanctuary’s aim is to create a culture of welcome for people seeking sanctuary from war and persecution.

Durham Cathedral is one of the great buildings of Europe. Set on a rocky promontory next to the Castle, with the medieval city huddled below and the river sweeping round, the profile of the World Heritage Site is instantly recognisable to travellers on the East Coast railway line. Durham Cathedral is a Christian Church of the Anglican Communion, the seat of the Bishop of Durham, and a place of worship, welcome and hospitality. Durham Cathedral work in active partnerships for the good of the Diocese and the communities of North East England and contributes to Durham’s flourishing and significance.

Empty Shop CIC is a non-profit arts organisation in the North East of England and based in Durham City. Empty Shop formed in 2008 with the idea to provide a much needed and accessible platform for artists of all levels and backgrounds to produce exhibit and engage with art. As the organisation has grown, Empty Shop has developed into a well-rounded permanent fixture in the North East art scene. Empty Shop was founded by Carlo Viglianisi and Nick Malyan in 2008 and chooses to be completely unfunded and fully independent.