Raghad Haddad

Raghad Haddad studied viola at the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus, graduating with an excellence degree in 2005. She later became a viola teacher there. She remained based in Syria, living in a town about 80 km from Damascus until June 2016.

During that time she combined performing and teaching both in her native country and at many concerts and events throughout the world. She was a member of the Syrian National Symphony Orchestra, and led the violas in the Mary Orchestra for female players. Since it was established in 2012 Raghad was also a member of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Opera House in Damascus, and performed at the Tucia Opera Festival in Viterbo, Italy in 2008. One of the highlights of her career was being part of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra conducted by Daniel Barenboim.

In June 2016 Raghad travelled with the Orchestra of Syrian Musicians on a European Tour – their final destination was the UK. Nine of their members presented themselves at the border control desk and requested asylum. All were accepted and are now resident here.

Raghad is now playing with the Orchestra of All Saints MAS in Brighton and the London Syrian Ensemble, a group of Syrian professional musicians which performs traditional and classical oriental music around the UK. She is also supporting young people on the ‘I Speak Music’ youth inclusion programme in Surrey.

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